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Discover Austria and Europe

German Grammar - Deutsche Grammatik

Discover Austria & Europe

<b>05</b> Discover Austria & Europe
Vienna is perfectly located, in the heart of Europe, only a stone's throw from several major European cities. You can explore Vienna or go further afield to other important European cities. German courses take place Monday to Friday, on weekends you can travel to European metropolises or discover the beauty of nature in the surrounding regions. You can either join the popular excursions organized by longua.org or travel on your own!

Top destinations:




The Town of Roses


Situated in the midst of picturesque gardening nurseries and green islands spread all over the city, Tulln is often called the “Flower Town” or “Rose Town”.
In the company of our teachers and other students, your journey will start bright and early with taking a train to Tulln. First on the schedule, a visit to the Egon Schiele Museum, which features over 60 oil paintings, watercolours and drawings from his early creative period of the extraordinary and famous Austrian artist.
Afterwards, a spectacular view across the canopy of the old and majestic trees lining the “Baumwipfelweg” awaits you. An observation deck 30m above ground consisting of multiple levels and staircases provides a magnificent vista. An experience accompanied by riveting water installations choreographed to sounds and music, which are a treat for eyes and ears.

The costs include rail travel (round trip), admission to the museum and the gardens.
The City of Mozart – a must for all visitors to Austria!


Early in the morning students embark on a 2.5-hour train ride from Vienna Westbahnhof to Salzburg. The whole day is devoted to culture, sightseeing and shopping.

You follow in Mozart's footsteps by visiting his birthplace, stroll along the famous Getreidegasse - a delightful shopping street - and visit the remarkable castle "Festung Hohensalzburg. In between you can make yourself comfortable at an inn or café for lunch.

The fee includes rail travel (round trip), admission to Mozart’s birthplace, admission to and castle lift up and down the Festung Hohensalzburg.
Wachau Region

Trip to one of Austria’s famous wine growing regions including a spectacular boat tour on the Danube! .

Wachau Region

The Wachau is a section of the Danube valley north-west of Vienna. It captivates visitors with its scenic beauty - the winding Danube nestled in rolling chains of hills. The Wachau, however, is not only famous for its scenery, but also for wine-growing - it is one of the finest wine regions in Austria. The picturesque little towns and villages in the region also make the Wachau a popular destination for many tourists.

Accompanied by longua.org teachers and fellow students, you take a morning train and make your first stop in Melk - the gate to the Wachau.
A tour of the famous baroque abbey with its magnificent library is followed by a boat trip to Dürnstein, where you will have a walk around the medieval town - you will be enchanted! Narrow, winding alleys, and a view over the Danube valley, crowned by Dürnstein castle - the famous ruin above the town in which Richard the Lionheart was held captive. Of course, it is possible to climb up the steep path to the ruin.

After a short hike you can take a break, for example at a “Heuriger” (typical Austrian wine tavern) for some local wine. The 2-hour return journey follows the Danube, giving a final view of the Wachau.

The costs include rail travel (round trip), admission to the abbey and the boat tour.
Lake Neusiedl

Boat and swimming fun at Europe’s largest steppe lake!.

Lake Neusiedl

Lake Neusiedl, set in a large national park, captivates visitors with its great variety of water sports and its wonderful reed landscape.

Together with an longua.org teacher and fellow students, you first take the train to Eisenstadt, the capital of Burgenland, where you will go on a guided tour at Schloss Esterhazy. After having lunch at a typical Austrian restaurant, you take the train to Lake Neusiedl, where you start off with a boat tour. In summer you will also have the opportunity to go swimming, surfing or taking a turn in a pedalo.

The costs include rail travel (round trip), admissions to the palace and the bathing area and the boat tour.
Southern flair in Austria’s second largest city.


What a telling name for the second biggest city in Austria (Slav. „gradec“=castle): Due to its location, Graz has been a major fortress combating intruding Ottomans for centuries. The world’s largest collection of medieval weapons is one of the city’s major attractions, which, of course, you will get to see on this trip! Marvel at the beauty of the ancient quarters, which have been strongly influenced by Italian Renaissance.

After lunch you can take in the impressive view from the town’s landmark “Uhrturm”. It is the only remnant of the once mighty fortress, which was destroyed during the Napoleonic Wars. Graz has been cultural capital of Europe in 2003. To celebrate the event some fascinating modern structures have been built, for example an artificial island swimming on top of river Mur.

The costs include rail travel (round trip), admission to and guided tour at the museum.
Charming market town in the “wine district” of Lower Austria.


Retz, situated in a part of Lower Austria called „Weinviertel“ (wine district), is a traditional market town known for its winegrowing tradition. Its market square is one of the biggest and most beautiful squares in Austria.

The whole square has a distinctive Southern feel to it. It is lined with beautiful houses: “Verderberhaus” mimics Venetian Renaissance, other houses are examples of biedermeier or baroque architecture…

There's another surprise: You can cross the square subterraneanly and take a look at the largest wine cellar in Central Europe (21 km long, up to 30 m deep). Up until 500 years ago, it was used to store wine from all over the region. It is an unforgettable experience!

The costs include rail travel (round trip), admissions to and guided tours at the wind mill and the wine cellar.
Past, present and future combined in Austria’s third largest city

LinzLinz, Upper Austria's capital city, is mostly known for the VOEST, the largest industrial area in Austria. There's a lot to see: For example, the impressive Danube river and its banks, the beautiful main square, the medieval castle featuring a romantic park with the oldest church in Austria: Martin's church.
The steeple of Linz's cathedral was planned to be higher than Vienna's St. Stephen's Cathedral. That however, did not happen due to Viennese vigilance. There's also a medieval castle with a marvelous park featuring Austria's oldest church: St. Martin's church.

However, Linz is also one of Austria’s greenest cities and offers various opportunities to get some fresh air. Together with your longua.org teacher and fellow students, you will take the mountain tram to the top of Pöstlingberg, from where you can enjoy the panoramic view.

The costs include rail travel (round trip), admission to the museum, tram to and from the top of the mountain.
Ancient Roman remains in Austria.


Just about half an hour east of Vienna you can find archaeological excavations of a major Roman city called Carnuntum. A guided tour will reveal fascinating facts and amusing details on Roman history in Austria. We will find out how the ancient Romans lived, worked, travelled, how they entertained themselves, how they ate and drank.

After enjoying some refreshments, we will visit the military city of the Roman era in Austria. Find out more about Austria’s most famous Roman remains at our longua.org excursion to Carnuntum!

The costs include rail travel (round trip), admission and guided tour.

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