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2.2 Nicolai Hartmann’s Ethik

Values are something everyone has an oppinion about although this oppinion is in most cases not scientific.
„We know the values a priori, but this knowledge is not intellectual. Its is emotional or intuitive."
As Cadwallader writes about values that we all have a certain idea of values, but when trying to classify them, there is no generally accepted system. 
The German philosopher Nicolai Hartmann devellopped a complicated system of values which he called Die Ethik.
Martin Morgenstern writes about Nicolai Hartmann’s Ethik that the perception of values functions by intuition. This perception of values happens within one’s conscience; so you can say that people cannot be taught values, but they can only be showed clearly what is already in their mind. Values are identified when being made clear and although values change with the time and although they vary their inner core/nucleus remains the same. Hartmann confesses, according to Morgenstern, that different people have different ideas of values, but he is convinced that when being morally mature they would come to the same ideas. As people and circumstances are in a constant change even the stability of values is not absolutely sure, writes Morgenstern.




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