Courses and Methods - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil - Portuguese Language Course

Portuguese Grammar - Portugiesische Grammatik


Our methodology is based on the Communicative
approach which means we encourage
our students to speak, interact, read, write
and listen to stimulate their learning. Our
teachers are native Brazilian and highly qualifed University graduates.



We offer a range of Group Courses and
Private Classes. The di_erent levels of our
Group Courses ensure you can learn at a
level to suit your needs. Our levels are A -
Beginners, B1 - Pre-Intermediate, B2 - Intermediate
& C- Advanced. All Group Courses
run 5 days a week, Monday to Friday, for 4
hours per day.
Private classes are tailored to each student
enabling them to work at their own pace. Our
private classes are tailored to suit individual
needs, enabling you to decide when, where
and how your course is offered. We can also
assist students wanting to learn Portuguese
at their work or at their home.



Our school offers you much more than Portuguese classes. We offer you the complete Rio de Janeiro experience. Every day we offer 100% free and fun activities for you to socialise and practise your Portuguese. Activities we offer include beach volleyball, cooking classes, samba classes, Brazilian cinema evenings, football matches, hikes with incredible views over Rio and sightseeing tours. Check out how your weekly schedule with us might look. We like to think we are 'one big family' and all of the activities and excursions we offer enable you to get to know everyone at the school. PLS is the best place for you to learn Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro while having fun.

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Rio de Janeiro - Portuguese Language Course

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