CILS Certification Description

Italian Grammar - Italienische Grammatik

CILS levels identify linguistic and communicative competence with examinations of increasing
levels of difficulty. Each CILS level is autonomous and complete. The certification at all levels
states a degree of communication skills appropriate to specific social, professional, and study
CILS certification exams are an important objective for all those studying the Italian language.
In each level all the language skills (listening, reading, written and oral production and interaction,
and the ability to think about the use of language) are evaluated through tasks that measure
the candidates' ability to use Italian language in different contexts of communicative interaction.
The certification at each level states the level of communicative capacity and skills appropriate
to specific social, professional, and study contexts.
The CILS certification functions as a guarantee: it ensures that a foreigner who possesses
a certificate of a certain level will be able to communicate in Italian in the specified
communicative contexts (explicit, formalized) for that level, and therefore is a guarantee for
those who require the communication skills from the foreigner.

The CILS certification is essential for inclusion in the workplace, for teaching, for entry to the
Italian universities, or for whenever a certain level of formally certified competence in Italian
is required.

The CILS certification is recognized in all commercial, industrial and financial areas. A company,
for example, or another employer will be confident that an employee or prospective foreign
employee who possesses a certification of a given level can execute with autonomy and
effectiveness the communication tasks required by a job description or specific work tasks that
involve interactions in Italian with Italians or other foreigners.


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