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Englische Präpositionen


Liste der englischen Präpositionen.


einteilige Präpositionen:

as, at, but, by, down, for, from, in, like, near (to), of, off, on, out, past, per, pro, qua, re, round, sans, since, than, through, till, to, up, via, with, about, above, across, after, against, along, amid(st), among(st), anti, around, atop, before, behind, below, beneath, beside, besides, between, beyond, circa, despite, during, except, inside, into, notwithstanding, onto, opposite, outside, over, pace, pending, throughout, toward(s), under, underneath, unlike, until, upon, versus, vis-à-vis, within, without


zweiteilige Präpositionen:

up against, as per, as for, but for, except for, but for, apart from, aside from, away from, as from, ahead of, as of, back of, because of, devoid of, exclusive of, inside of, instead of, irrespect of, off of, out of, outside of, regardless of, upwards of, void of, according to, as to, close to, contrary to, due to, near(er) to, next to, on to, owing to, preliminary to, preparatory to, previous to, prior to, pursuant to, subsequent to, thanks to, up to, along with, together with


dreiteilige Präpositionen:


in aid of, in back of, in behalf of, in case of, in charge of, in consequence of, in (the) face of, in favour of, in front of, in (the) light of, in lieu of, in need of, in place of, in (the) process of, in quest of, in respect of, in search of, in spite of, in view of, in accordance with, in common with, in comparison with, in compliance with, in conformity with, in contact with, in line with, by dint of, by means of, by virtue of, by way of, on account of, on behalf of, on (the) ground(s) of, on the matter of, on pain of, on the part of, on the strength of, on top of, as far as, at variance with, at the expense of, at the hands of, for (the) sake of, for/from want of, in exchange for, in return for, in addition to, in relation to, with/in regard to, with/in reference to, with/in respect to, with the exception of
















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