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Yang Yuhuan / 杨玉環 - by Yan / 延 for longua.org


Yang Yuhuan / 杨玉環 - by Yan / 延 for longua.org


This Story happened in the antiquity during the Tang dynasty. There was an empress who liked eating litchies a lot. Her name was Yang Yuhuan (杨玉環). There were 4 famous pretty girls during the ancient history of China. Yang Yuhuan is one of them. The emperor fell in love with her. Lychee is the specialty of China's GuangDong province. The Tang dynasty's capital was ChangAn (the city got a new name Xi'An in ShanXi province) ChangAn is far away from GuangDong. The lychee ripes in June and July. If you pick it the next day, they were staled or (rotten, decomposed). You cannot keep them for a long time, in the past there were no fridges to save them and no airplane, busses,trains etc to transport the in antiquity. The emperor ordered soliders riding horse to transport them. When the horse arrived capital without anyone, the empress understood that is lychee had arrived. She was in a great mood, but some horses died from the transport during the trip. The emperor loved his wife. People think he was bad emperor. Finally the emperor almost lost his power. When he was running away to save himself. He ordered his soldier to kill Yang YuHuan. Finally YangYuHuan was maybe killed, but other people don't think so. People told that she was running away to Japan.


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