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Camboriú School - Portuguese Grammar - Portugiesische Grammatik



Portuguese Course and Social Program:

The Heinzelmann Languages School offers highly qualified Teachers, classrooms and electronic equipment used in teaching.
The goal of this project is to connect people through learning Portuguese.

The Hours of Private Lessons are 10,15, 20 and 30 hours tuition per week. Standard Course 20hrs class and 30hrs intensive are class in the morning and afternoon.

The Social Program is optional for those who wish to do so.
Social Program carries 15 hours a week, doing activities with children at partner schools and in an aged Care.

In addition the Heinzelmann Languages School offers attractions such as City Tour in Balneário Camboriú, Florianópolis and Blumenau City.
Trails, hiking, paragliding flights, bicycle rentals and learn to surf at Brava Beach.


Accommodation types in Balneário Camboriú:


Excellent homes in areas very close to the school with professional hosts offering an excellent Breakfast. Room and private bathroom.


The BC Paradise Hostel is centrally located in Camboriú, offers a tour service, free Wi-Fi and buffet breakfast in the morning, laundry area and shared kitchen. All accommodations have shared and private external bathroom individual lockers.

Hostel 84

Your beach house is 400 meters from the sandy beach Cabeçudas, beautiful sea view, Hostel 84 has a big swimming pool, rooms with private and shared bathrooms, internet and much more, check out the link.

O Peregrino Hostal

The Peregrino Hostel is an inviting place. We offer a unique way to receive and accommodate guests from all around the world.
We want to welcome you in our home, in a relaxed environment, much like a shared house.
A home away from home, where you can keep your privacy but also share our common rooms (kitchen, living/dining room, garden) and get to know other travelers.
We are located in one of the most charming neighborhoods of Itajaí, 200m from Cabeçudas Beach, Itajaí (SC),Brazil.
Course and accommodations prices:

Portuguese General Course

10 Classes per week  - 100,00 dollar
15 Classes per week  - 140,00 dollar
20 Classes per week  - 200,00 dollar
30 Classes per week  - 250,00 dollar


Homestay in single room and private bathroom and shared -
80,00 dollar per week
Homestay in single room and private bathroom and shared -
100,00 dollar per week

BC Paradise Hostel

Balneário Camboriú downtown

Hostel 84

Located in Cabeçudas Beach (10km away from Brava Beach)

O Peregrino Hostal

Located in Cabeçudas Beach (10km away from Brava Beach)

Room and shared bathroom with breakfast -
100,00 dollar per week.

Room and private bathroom with breakfast -
120,00 dollar per week.

Welcoming Exchange Program

The purpose of the exchange is to offer Welcoming foreign students the opportunity to learn Portuguese language and hold a Volunteer Social Program in southern Brazil.
The "Heinzelmann Languages School" works in partnership with Brava Travel agency offering Portuguese classes with highly qualified professionals, electronic equipments and local activities as City Tour. Learning how to surf, Paragliding, bicycles rentals and more.
The Social Program takes place at the Children's Education Center with children and Aged Care, located in the same city program, in Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina. The Brava Travel has partnership with these schools and Aged Care.
BravaTravel Agency offers students three types of accommodation throughout the program period, as family houses,hostels or Inn.
Learn more about the Welcoming Program and the best destination in southern Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina, Brazil.


mehr Informationen unter info@longua.org


A Espera na Ilha. Play hard to get;

Nhatsi Elos e Laços;

A Sereia de Tupa;

O Segredo da Felismina;

Tanto lá quanto cá;

Humanidade sem Pegadas.


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