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Cetraro Travel - German Grammar - Deutsche Grammatik


Cetraro - Travel

Cetraro is a city in the South of Italy in the region of Calabria. The region is famous for its very traditional food - the restaurant Sacro Panza (in Via Roma) in the old town is a must.

What can you see?
Cetraro’s historical Old Town is an impressive document of medieval architecture. Steps and stairs, tiny alleys and hidden buildings make you dream of the wild and wonderful Middle Ages.

When should you come?
Season and Off-Season.
In July and August the city is full of festivals and parties - people are dining in the streets and enjoying their coffee in the sun.
Off-Season from September to June offer a great chance to discover the beaches without masses of tourists - although you can go swimming from March to November. The Old Town is even better in this time of the year. Nice little shop offer everything you need. Discover a town that shows you Italy as it once was.

How to get there?
By plane: Bari Airport / Naples Airport / in summer: Lamezia Terme Airport
By car: Take Motorway: Salerno - Reggio Calabria - Exit Tarsia (from the South) / Exit Lago Nero (from the North) and follow the Coast Road

Where to stay?
Parco degli Aranci - directly at the sea - very nice and very cheap - ask for Alfredo!!!
Bed and Breakfast - Old Town - directly at the central square.

Place nearby
Guardia Piemontese - Village of the Occitan Minority - bilingual population
Eolian Islands
Cittadella del Capo - a wonderful village on the sea



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