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University Placement - Studienkolleg - in Cologne, Berlin, Munich - longua.org








You would like to study in a German university? But you don’t know how to go about it? Don’t worry! Longua.org and our partners will guide you through every step.

  1. We will check your documents and tell you if your High School Diploma grants you imme-diate access to a German university or if you will have to a preparatory year “Studienkolleg” (1 year)

2. We will assist you with getting a student applicant visa
3. We will place you at a university in Germany




The Studienkolleg is a public educational institution in Germany offering courses to international students in order to prepare for your academic studies at universities in Germany. It is for those whose graduation certificate is not recognized as equivalent to the Abitur (High School Level / A-Levels). The courses last two semesters and can be started twice per year in winter or summer.


Universities and study fields

Longua.org and our partners cooperate with the universities LMU Ludwig Maximilians Universität and TUM Technische Universität in Munich, FU Freie Universität and TU Technische Universität in Berlin and Universität zu Köln and FH Köln in Cologne.


Study fields:

Automation Engineering, Information Technology, Biotechnology, Business Administration, Business Administration and Engi-neering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences, Law, Medicine,
Mechanical Engineering, Medical Engineering, Health Care Management, Automotive Informatics, Microtechnology and much more.




The Road Map below outlines the two pathways to universities – one direct and one with pre-university Studienkolleg (1 year)


Direct Access to university

Direct application to the Studienkolleg is possible; if you doc-ument knowledge of German with TestDaF and if your High School Diploma is accepted as equivalent to the German Abitur.

Indirect Access via Studienkolleg

Whether you need to do Studienkolleg or not, we will tell you after having your documents checked by the university.



Before admission to the Studienkolleg you are required to pass an examination in German and, in the case of technical, mathematical and natural science courses, a mathematical examination. These tests can be sat either in the beginning of September or January. As a rule, the admission test takes place two weeks before the beginning of Studienkolleg.

Depending on the desired direction of study, you are re-quired to take one of the main courses on offer at Studien-kolleg:

T-course: for technical, mathematical and natural science courses
• M-course: for medical and biological science courses
• W-course: for economic and social science courses
• G-course: for humanities, language and art course



The courses at Studienkolleg start in February and in Septem-ber. After being admitted to Studienkolleg, you are enrolled as a university student with the special student status for doing an ‘academic bridging course’ (Vorbereitungsstudium). After having successfully completed ‘Feststellungsprüfung’ (i.e. the final exam of Studienkolleg), you can apply to all German uni-versities to be accepted as a regular student in courses that relate to the relevant course type at Studienkolleg.



Please bear in mind that the issuing of a student applicant visa (Studienbewerbervisum) can take up to three months. Stu-dents cannot take up Studienkolleg with a ‘tourist visa’ or a ‘Schengen visa’. For the visa you also need to open a locked bank account which we will help you with.

For the visa you need the following:

• Our course confirmation and invoice
• Our invitation letter
• A health insurance
• A conditional letter from a university
• A locked bank account
• Proof of health insurance



Studienkolleg courses are full time courses and the academ-ic demands are rigorous. Classes are mainly scheduled in the mornings. Attendance and performance are monitored - in case of irregular attendance or unsatisfactory performance in the continuous assessment students can be removed which entails the loss of their student status.



The final exam is either between June and July or between December and January depending on which semester you started the Studienkolleg course.



Summer Semester and dates

- Application is from the beginning of December to the mid-dle of January
- Admission test is in the beginning of February
- Commencement of semester is in the middle of February
- Final exam is in the middle of June
Winter Semester and dates
- Application is from the middle of May to the middle of July
- Admission test is in the beginning of September
- Commencement of semester is in the middle of September
- Final exam is in the middle of January





Fill in the enclosed enrolment form and send us the following documents:
• notarized and translated copies of your credentials
• CV in German
• Motivation letter in German
• 2 Passport photos
• Copy of passport
• Birth certificate
• German certificate for level B2 or Test DaF in case you have it
Note: Please send all transcripts and passport photos by post.
In order to receive the conditional letter by a German university, CV and motivation letter must be in German. Please have them translated if your German skills are not sufficient.


longua.org will check your documents. We will tell you if your High School Diploma grants you immediate access to a German university or if you will have to do the Studienkolleg (1 year). We will also tell you how many months of German course you will need, how much you would have to pay and how to go about your visa application.



Having received your payment and documents, Longua.org will send you:
a) a conditional acceptance letter issued by a German university cooperating with us and
b) an invitation letter for the language course at Longua.org.
You need both documents to apply for a student applicant visa. The student applicant visa grants status right away – with this visa you can stay up to 12 months in Germany to learn German and prepare yourself for university studies, and having done that you can switch to a student visa without having to leave Germany again.



Once you are in Berlin, Munich or Cologne and do your German course with us, we offer weekly consultations and assistance. If your visa permits it, you can but do not have to attend the university that issued the conditional acceptance for you. You can also apply for other universities and in case you would like to do so Longua.org will support you.




The application process is € 350.
Our fee for issuing the invitation letter is € 110 plus € 70 for DHL Express shipping.



You can start the Studienkolleg twice a year in either February or September. In order to pass the entry test in German and be admitted to do the preparatory courses we offer two-to-one Pathway courses. According to your level you need to take either 40, 24 or 16 weeks of our courses in order to be prepared for Studienkolleg. Preparation classes are booked in combination with Intensive course and 6 two-to-one lessons per week focusing on Studienkolleg.


If you don’t have any knowledge of German the course details are as follows:
- 40 weeks of Intensive Course
- 8 weeks of Pathway Course with 6 lessons per week (during the 40 course weeks)

Course Fee: € 7,770.-


These prices are valid until end of 2017



The courses at Studienkolleg are free of charge. A registration fee of € 111 per semester is to be paid to the university. Students are obliged to take out a health insurance. Costs for textbooks and other learning materials amount to approximately € 50 per semester. (Prices are subject to change)



Universities in Bavaria are free of charge but there is free of charge but there is an administration fee of € 100 - € 150 to be paid per semester. (Prices are subject to change)


Necessary Deutsche Bank form - link



Write us: info@longua.org


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