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Reisen in Usbekistan - Perlen Usbekistans


Due to its geographical location the land of the Uzbek people was always at the crossroad of migrations
and invasions. This brought different cultures and civilizations to the region. The Great Silk Road passed
through this land making famous the cities of Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara. Tashkent is now a
modern city and the Capital of Uzbekistan. It is also the largest city in Central Asia. Samarkand and
Bukhara are known for monuments from the bygone days. Minarets and mausoleums, mosques and
madrassahs of the remarkable brick and tile structures - are masterpieces of many constructors and
artisans. One of the largest open-air museums is Khiva, near Urgench. It is the most preserved ensemble
of all the ancient Central Asian settlements.

Day 1: Arrive Tashkent

Arrival at Tashkent International Airport in the morning. Meeting at the airport by our Company
representative. Airport/Hotel transfer. Check-in. Breakfast at the hotel. Free time. City sightseeing tour
around Tashkent:
· Museum of Applied Art - bright carved plaster decorations(ganch) and carved wood the building of
museum itself is an attraction. There is also an exhibit of ceramics, textiles, jewellery, musical
instruments and toys.
Navoyi Theatre Square - by 1940, Soviet planners had decided a theatre would greatly enhance an
area known as the Drunken Bazaar for its wine-soaked market. Japanese prisoners of war completed
construction in 1947.
Amir Temur square and Broadway
· Barak Khan Madrassah (XVI c) was the headquarters of the Sunni Mufti of ex-Sogdian Central Asia &
Kazakhstan. It is interesting for its mosaic and Arabic calligraphy of the late 16 cent. Brick facade and
the intricately carved doors made by Samarkand craftsmen
Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum which is the grave of a local doctor, philosopher and poet of Islam who
lived from 904 to 979. The portal, inner dome and arcade dated 16th century, when his holy
reputation attracted a cemetery.
Kukeldash Madrassah (XVI c). The grand 16th c. madrassah has domed courtyard. Now the building
is returned to service as an Islamic school. Next to it is the tiny 15th c. Juma mosque.
· Overnight in Tashkent
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Day 2: Tashkent – Samarkand

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Samarkand (4 hours). Check in Hotel. Overnight in Samarkand.

Day 3: Samarkand

Samarkand - the Eden of ancient East, the most precious pearl in the Islamic world. Samarkand - called
Marakanda in the 4th century BC, whoever tried to conquer it! During the centuries the city has been
invaded by troops of Alexander the Great, Arabian invaders, Chenghes Khan and Tamerlane. Today
romance of Samarkand still works its magic, alluring the travelers with a dreamlike
quality.Breakfast at the hotel. Full day city sightseeing tour around Samarkand:
Ulugbek’s Observatory - (XV c) – 1st observatory in Orient with 30m sextant built by Ulugbek to make
exact astronomical catalogue.
Afrasiab Hill – is a place of hill-fort Afrasiab, named after legendary king of Turan. Behind defensive
ramparts with corridors, arrow slits built of unbaked brick, waterproof reeds and anti-seismic juniper, lived
Afrasiab Museum - each hall of the museum contains exhibits of some period of history of Afrosiab. There
is also a hall with remarkable ancient wall paintings special lightening.
Bibi Khanum mosque (XIVc), Architect, craftsmen & painters built it in 5 years.
Siyob Bazar
Shahi Zinda mausoleum - (XIV - XVc) 'Nown of Dead' a complex of more than 20 unique buildings.
Museum of History and Art of Uzbekistan.
Gur Amir mausoleum - (XV c) Timurids dynastic burial vault, unique monument of architecture. Pay a visit
the Tomb of Tamerlane , visit the tomb of Mir Seyid Bereke, Tamerlane's spiritual tutor.
Registan square(XV – XVII c) consist of grand madrassahs of Ulugbek, Sher Dor & Tillya Kari.
Overnight in Samarkand.

Day 4: Samarkand – Bukhara

Breakfast at the hotel. Full day City sightseeing across Samarkand and its suburbs:
Bibi Khanum mosque (XIVc) built by Timur to be biggest mosque at time. Architect, craftsmen & painters
built in 5 years.
After lunch you are taken 12 km north from Samarkand to visit the spectacular Complex of Imam Al-
Bukhoriy, a celebrated personality of Islamic world, which was built with the support of the entire Muslim
Then, you go to see the Mausoleum of Khodja Daniar or Saint Daniel, a prophet of the Old Testament.
This holy place is recognized by Islam, Christianity and Judaism as one of eminent pilgrimage
Hodja Akhrar mosque & madrassah, erected between 1630 and 1635.
Check out at the hotel. Transfer by coach to Bukhara (3 hours). Overnight at hotel in Bukhara.

Day 5: Bukhara

Bukhara – this is one of the best places in Central Asia which was as capital of Samanid state in the 9th
and 10th centuries and known in history as “Bukhoro-i Sharif”.Breakfast at the hotel. Full day City
sightseeing tour around Bukhara:
Poikalon (XII - XVI c) ensemble in the center of old Bukhara - includes the cathedral mosque "Masjidi
Kalon", "Miri Arab" madrassah and the Kalyan minaret (46 m).
Ulugbek Madrassah (1417) was the earliest of three commissioned by the enlightened Timurid ruler (the
other two stand in Samarakand and Gijduvan) and his secular influence dominates the exterior design of
the religious college.
Abdul Aziz Khan Madrassah (1652), glittering in mercifully unrestored 17th century glory.
Tim Abdullakhan was built in 1577 and was one of the most elegant trade halls in Bukhara where silk and
wool was sold by Afghan trades.
Trading Domes consists of three trading centers: Tok-i-Zargaron (1570) – Jeweler’s Bazaar, Tok-i-Tilpak
Furushon – Cap Maker’s Bazaar, Tok-i-Sarrafon – Moneychanger’s Bazaar.
Magoki Attori – in 937 the four-pillared mosque was burn the ground in a city-wide fire and in the 12th
century the present mosque was erected, from which the focus of the mosque, the original southern
portal remains. Lyabi - Hauz (XVI - XVIIc) - a complex with Nodir - Devon Begi madrassahs big pool
surrounded by trees. Overnight in Bukhara.

Day 6: Bukhara - Tashkent

Breakfast at the hotel. Drive to Tashkent. Transfer to the Tashkent International Airport. End of the tour.



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